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S.ynthetic L.iving I.nsanity M.achine: 05751504206669

A time traveler from the year 4020 - Slim the Living Cyborg, is stranded in the unfortunate present, as a result of his broken time machine. He has traveled from the beginning to the end of time and back again. Stuck here in the present - Slim the Living Cyborg performs sideshow acts, using objects and acts he has learned through his adventures in time. He can't tell you what tomorrow brings, because by you just being there, may change the future - forever.

Half man half machine, he is a micro-chipped, glow in the dark & LED implanted being.

For the last 15 years, SLIM The Living Cyborg has been studying and performing sideshow at festivals, conventions, fairs and private events. Keeping the nostalgia of freak show alive in America, the living, breathing "world record breaking" comic book character brings an insane - but comedic aspect to the stage, for all ages to enjoy or just for the adults. After the show he's been told he is, “Mild sharp”. His jokes are cheesy.


Ten Time World Record Holder: Blockhead with silverware at over 300 restaurants, (Blockhead with either a spoon, fork or knife), lifting full size keg with earlobes while standing on broken glass, smallest person to swallow a two foot two inch wide sword, most circuitry tattooed on face & head, pierced cheeks with six guitar strings, rode mechanical bull for 12 seconds while swallowing a 2-foot sword, rode a skateboard while lifting over 30 lb from piercings, pulled a Punk band in a wagon by earlobes (four full grown men), stapled 100 times with one dollar bills all over body & performed at the first VR concert in the world. All were achieved live in front of an audience or in public.

SIARA GRAY: Performed around the world her very unique style of entertainment.  T

As a fully insured circus performer Zia Irene incorporates a range of tools, partner acrobatics, and character pieces and is a certified Flow Arts Institute Fire safety. She has been performing with fire and flow for over a decade and making, support staffing, and showing visual creations for nearly 20 years. As Arts Caravan’s creator and lead instigator she is committed to connecting communities and developing conscious society through creativity and expression.

Keely Madison our Chameleon Kitty this talented artist is one of many hats. Always arriving in costume and many events changing character multiple times, she has definitely mastered the art of role-play. Keely is a flow artist manipulating and creating illusion with many different props! Hula hooping is definitely one of her specialties, She’s been fire dancing around the United States for many years. You can also find her traveling comic cons as a professional Harley Quinn. She is great at getting the crowd hype and people comfortable and involved with no matter what they are watching!


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